WSJ: The New American Dream: Renting

Wall Street Journal

* AUGUST 14, 2009

The New American Dream: Renting
It’s time to accept that home ownership is not a realistic goal for many people and to curtail the enormous government programs fueling this ambition … 38184.html

Read also the comments in view of the proposed Property Tax

“Remember, if you are paying a 2% property tax, and especiallly if you cannot deduct it because of the AMT, you essentially buy your house back from the local government every 35 years.”

The above quote really shows how much of a hidden b1tch property tax really can be.
Thats why I repeatedly mention in many posts comparing USA and Irish properties that it is not comparing like-with-like.
USA property owners have a myriad of taxes and charges to pay annually, which is why their property prices ***initially ***appear cheap.

Inevitably, its only a question of time before Irish homeowners are hit with similar bills.