www.ahome4u.ie - Affordable Housing scheme goes online

Haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but it seems that Dublin City Council has moved the Affordable housing selection scheme online (possible due to substantially increased choice available)

The site seems to take a while to load up - and requires a login and password, which I received in the post today along with a booklet explaining it, PDF’d here–> megaupload.com/?d=YIA9TFJI


I haven’t bothered to have a look around yet and check prices,availability etc etc, but if somebody wants me too check it out I’ll dig around.


URL not resolving for me, but yes here is the whois,

% Rights restricted by copyright;
% Do not remove this notice

Draw?? How does this thing work?? :confused:

Is NAMA the Home Choice Loan repackaged vis a vis a quasai nationalization. I mean I did say a year ago that yes there whould be natilisation but not like this :smiling_imp:

I also stated that if this path was to be taken those who didn’t cause or involve themselves in this mess should be granted a FREE Agent status to go rectify the country since they displayed the skills & acumen not to be fooled.

What we have here is a GOLDEN Tickets & Chocolate Bars Draw for the resumption of the “official” status quo.

The great irony is these Wonky Donkeys don’t get the fact the “Change” is the status quo :unamused:

Note www.ahomeforyou.ie.

This says a lot about who they view as their target market in my opinion. Can’t spell? Well have we got a deal 4 u!

As in every sellable home repossessed by the NAMA is sold for €300k on a guaranteed HCL mortgage with no questions asked to any available purchaser?

The terms and conditions of the ahome4u.ie state the following

and also

Any legal pinsters here? Does this have any legal basis at all? Sounds like complete BS to me. If I want to link to their site Ill do it and they cant legally stop me.

Do you think we should tell Google :angry:

I can report an above average amount of black helicopters circling my gaff since the OP… :open_mouth:


Government builds a website that doesn’t load with terms and conditions that make no sense and show a staggering lack of understanding of what the internet is.


Let’s get these guys working on something simple like untangling property debts and the banking system.


Whoever wrote those T&Cs is a complete moron.

Its the equivalent of a newspaper saying “You may not tell anybody about anything you read in our paper without our written consent. If you dont agree to this you are not permitted to “use” our newspaper.”

Absolute bullying nonsense. Should be completely ignored.
I still think it was a complete mistake for Daftwatch to stop linking to MyHome. This kind of shit doesnt stand a chance of surviving legal challenge and should be completely ignored.


Debatable. There is a database rights argument to be made in this case.

Site seems to be working today, so I had a look around and snagged the Pricelist for the DCC AH scheme. For those interested you can download the list here —> megaupload.com/?d=8PAL4JYB

The site doesn’t offer much more than the booklets they used to send out, but it does calculate your “Affordability” for you, and places an affordability rating beside each of the properties.


Thanks for that Nate. So theyre publishing it as pdf in the hope that Pinsters wont be able to link to it and discuss it and otherwise demolish it.

Theyre all incredibly overpriced:

  • 2 bed apartments in the Old Chocolate factory with NO parking space, only €244k
    What kind of family would have €244k at their disposal but no car. Get on up the yard, ya muppets.!

No, the prices are only available to applicants with Login and passwords sent from the DCC. I PDF’d them because the DCC obviously wanted the information on prices available to all, but mistakenly hid them behind a passworded login on their website. :slight_smile: Glad I could help correct their oversight.


From The Irish Times Sat 11th April 2009

All the info here on prices and Mgt fees. ddda.ie/index.jsp?p=219&n=229

Have a laugh at the management fees though, at least that part is transparent from DDDA.

Longboat Quay - Currently (2009) ranging from €1500 - €2750 anually depending on the size of the unit.
Butlers Court - Currently (2009) ranging from €1850 - €2400 anually depending on the size of the unit.
Hanover Quay - urrently (2009) ranging from €1700 - €2200 anually depending on the size of the unit.
Forbes Quay - Currently (2009) ranging from €1500 - €1800 anually depending on the size of the unit

From the website…

a 3 bed apt on longboat quay, grand canal dock for 245k doesn’t seem too bad, all things considering.