Heard about this new website on Morning Ireland today -


Don’t know much about it, but Pinsters are (usually!) full of good ideas :laughing: :laughing:

I note no whinging is allowed - pity!

Whingebox… She was on primetime last night… :unamused:

Her first great idea this morning was about re-starting the property bubble. Plus she said that she is going to run the ideas by people ‘she’ has selected as ‘able’. Enough said.

From the first line in the Economy section. ideascampaign.ie/irelands_economy/

It may be the last thing anyone wants, but it’s pretty damn high on the list of what most people in this country need.

This site is the usual flowery, “if-only-we-could-all-sit-down-and-discuss-our-feelings” bullshit, we need to ask hard question and be prepared to accept hard answers.

I wonder how many of these start-ups succeeded. I also wonder how many were funded by property based equity and are now up shit creek as credit has dried up and the debt has to be paid?

I love useless statistical spin XD

Youse boys wont be welcome on that new site with attitudes like that . . . .

we have threads that are over a year old with ideas.
I`ll give that rotten bitch on tv last night a good whinge.
She doesnt want to even mention past mistakes. She struck me as a FF hack to be honest.

You cant run if your being dragged backwards

Fail to recognise your mistakes and your doomed to repeat them.

Feck it she probably thinks we can make property go up again

Yep I saw the Primetime slot, jaysus it was creepy, a diff format than usual , mark little and herself sitting in armchairs over a coffee table having a chat.
I think thats RTEs brainwave to project a reassuring image to the public, flight of capital, we had a flight of talent too if thats all they can come up with .

The concept makes some sensee, but I hate all this new institutuions and websites, dont we already have state bodies that are menat todo this stuf, cant we fix whats broken and figure out how to do the things we were doing wrong , correctly, before creating somethign new to mess up. Harmlessold dear, sure we have just reassumed the same banking system , political class we may as well just resume the same PR,media,intellegentisa set.

Shes was fierce proud of the idea she had yesterday morning for the new office of this group, ‘A WHINGE BOX’ , her claim to fame was a fine for anyone in the office speaking doom and gloom or whinging. I think it was on Reuters ireland raises a new whinge tax .
I shouted at the TV, ‘show me your whingey box there missus’…sometimes one has to amuse oneself.

I think her point is that our current institutions and bodies aren’t doing what needs to be done and that it’s up to all of us to generate change in our society. A good idea in theory, but one that sounds a bit too much like wishful thinking to me. I won’t be taking any part in it, but perhaps it can act as a vehicle for change (however small). God knows the country and its entire system of governance needs change, so a grassroots call to action is to be welcomed imo - good luck to her if she thinks she can make a difference.

More money wasted on a glorified suggestion box.

If she’s a FF hack then how would you see the ideas campaign site panning out ? Will it be utterly democratic, free of nepotism and other isms and it will not lead to a cosy coterie of cutehoors who’ll rob people’s good ideas and make their own out of them.

Is there any intellectual property rights protection on that website ?

I have a great idea which is worth billions and will employ 10s of thousands of Irish people so I’m going to post it on her website. :unamused:

Fairplay to your woman… but I think she needs a quick update of irish centric internet life no?

There is no lack of vision its just controlled by a group of monkeys who preside over a system that destroys your life. This is not whinging this is reality. Power structures are broken. Revolution is the best first idea.

Who is “she”?



Perhaps Aileen could give us an update on her strategic work for BoI & AL

I hate this “positive thinking” will get us out of the current hole logic - it didn’t work for the lads leaping out of the trenches in WWI and it ain’t going to work for Ireland Inc now. What is needed is a coherent action plan not a feckin twitter twitter.com/ideascampaign/

sure if it comes up with something, fair play to them…Plenty of good ideas out there and maybe it will prove to be a useful place to refine them.

Wheres the love?

I love ideas really do play with them all day everyday since I was born but I’m not entirely love with this one as it doesn’t challenge the core issue. Its only being done for march and she’s using a lot of PR to get it going.

I jsut don’t get her hook apart from getting all “buzzed up”. I mean my mates where doing that at raves in the 90’s and i didn’t see the fun in it.

I think this site as example has enough ideas if distilled to keep us all busy for a a long time. More to the pot but as long as its not a distraction.

Regarding IP maybe this overs it some what – ideascampaign.ie/privacy/

Now if we could recruit the likes of this lady maybe we could change things.

I think this covers it better: ideascampaign.ie/terms-and-conditions/

I want to like the idea but I fear it’s more about raising the profile of AMAS (the eConsultancy firm Aileen runs - ideascampaign.ie/contact/ and on that page they state that:

so it’s not like they don’t understand IP related issues.

Not a good feeling about it unfortunately.

Here’s the list of “independent” “citizens” behind it:

Grassroats my arse; more like astroturf.

…that we will then make a quick buck from: