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rte.ie/news/2009/0305/primet … 8,null,230

Its people like whingebox who have the country in the state that it is. I really mean that.
See past her PR crap. Its a failure to open our eyes to past mistakes and upcoming problems that are a huge factor in this mess. Her attitude to people who dare to complain about the status quo that has us in this mess is condescending.
“whingebox” ffs

Whingebox on Primtetime: “we have one motto - no whingers”


Hear hear

this muppet would have set up a strategising workshop on the decks of the titanic…

listen you muppet… we need to get the message out the ship is sinking and we need to decide whether it’s all hands to the pump or man the lifeboats…

I’ve an idea, disbar anyone who voted in the Dail for bertie aherne for taoiseach from politics for life
that might clear a heap of the dead wood


I’m looking, but I cannot find any of the ideas posted so far by the general public.

Are you not meant to see them? If so, what a stunningly awful site!


Its not particularly open. TO think bow easy it is to get some air time at RTE :unamused: maybe we should have a laugh no…


Are you saying it’s a site for closed-off suggestions with no availablity to the public? I thought they just made a hames of the site design.

Flamin’ nora!


Check out who the supporters are…


…And check out this now…



They are trying to hijack the public anger, manipulate the debate that is already taking place in this country… outside the media they control.
C’mon, she’s got a slot on morning, prime time, RTE.


It seems to these people that the banking sector is not part of the problem.


So after having defended this site earlier, (well actually said give them a chance) I went back and had a second look just now…

This could well be a site with good intentions but a shit implementation or it could be just a very cynical exercise in PR.

I followed thru to suggesting an idea and it goes to some other domain which is fair enough… they are probably using some survey service or something…I didnt actually post anything so ive no idea if you have to contribute to see stuff but it didnt look good…

But at the moment it looks very one sided… tell us your idea, no whinging and we’ll look at it … very like a corporate blog where some guy is faking connecting with the users…comments turned off etc

again think they need a week to sort it out before judgment is passed…
If its good intentions I’d advise them to start a blog and paste up the idea of the day there until they get their site sorted, so people can see and comment
but if its a PR stunt, I think it’s going to backfire spectacularly…


Aileen stated on RTE that she had been talking to Brian Cowen and he was fully behind the venture.

Also - if you look at the “Ireland’s Economy” page, it states:

which links to: ideascampaign.ie/irelands_ec … ment-plan/

So I don’t think you can call it FF neutral.


A Labour Senator has tried to nick some of her keywords on Google Adwords :angry:


Could someone please explain to me what this means.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
“Bone up on the economy”? Now I’m excited!

Link. Bottom of the page.


??? :open_mouth:


I’m suspicious. If this was really about generating some economic activity why are they not publishing the ideas. That would cause others to see something that might spark another idea that then takes off. If they hold the information submitted then they are being provided with a string of ideas & concepts that they are keeping to themselves.

Or I am wrong or cynical.


Neither. You’re right.

It works like this…

I have a brilliant idea!!! Why don’t you send me all YOUR ideas, sign away all or any rights to them, let me and my mates figure out if we can make money out of them, and we’ll all claim it’s in the national interest! Genius.

If it was genuinely in the national interest then it would be an ‘open’ suggestion box, where the public could benefit from the exchange of knowledge and opinions… A bit like the Pin.


They haven’t a clue. THey don’t get it do they. They don’t understand that information wants to be free.

Also USA is home of the positive think your sefl out of death brigade and did they manage to avoid a total ecnomic metl down. No. I would say Americans are less tolerable of what we call “whingers” they are the peopel of the Can Do mantra. Still they ended up in the same place we find ourselves.

I’d give this one a wide berth thank you very much, the word contaminationcomes to mind.


and that’s the problem, information.
before you can have ideas about recovery, you got to have a grasp of what we’ve got to fix.

to date all we seem to have is rough estimates of the empties.
we don’t know the true depth of what we’re liable for.
we don’t know what toxic the banks have hidden via shell companies etc…
we can not commit funds to something that’ll we just have to later take back to cover some other landmine that some friend of FF forgot to mention.

i’m hungry for clarity. that’s my idea. clarity and transparency.
this ideascampaign is a pacifier, nothing more.


If they can get Jim Martin to rejoin FNM I’ll go over!


from ideascampaign.ie/irelands_economy/government-plan/

Look at all the reasons given why the public finances need to be put on track … mis-management of the public finances by the incumbent government isn’t one of them - no wonder when she had a word with Brian Cowen he was supportive

this is a very clever FF aligned campaign - lets hope not too many people fall for it - I feel the general population is getting wiser - but as shown by this campaign there are some very able manipulators out there


I really don’t want to suggest flooding their board… But it is an option.