www.irishhousehunter.com - Spikes getting spikier

Gosh, EAs around the country must be putting their best foot forward as we head into the ‘busy’ summer selling season.

A very large spike last week on www.irishhousehunter.com

If it ain’t gone by the school holidays folks, it may well still be on the market next Christmas…

Viewed another house last night – two infact had a good chat with the EA she was very positive and says they are having a great selling season so far – she said 2008 was the worst year as sellers weren’t realistic now they are ! Still haven’t seen the right house for me – didn’t sit out the bubble to blow no by over paying – not expecting house to jump in price – well at least jump up

Big push on by Galway independant as well…

CEO pushing now is the time to buy…

Expect headlines in paper next week about it…

either I am getting old or it is Friday afternoon and I am tired - what is the spike?

There’s a lot of spikes on that website

Its Friday. the latest spike is bigger than the rest

Its a big spikey spike.

Might be for an 11 day period instead of seven since the report only came out today or yesterday.

(Gets coat and heads off to piss on someone else’s parade)

This might be an indication that we are finally seeing the end of Denial.

I figured it out! I could do with a large version of the graph,whoever runs that site, my eyes are going in my old age :laughing:

If you click on it, it comes up in a new window the correct size and is easier to read.

I looked at the househunter website last night (Thurs) and did a search for ‘Waterford’ in the ‘last week’. The returned data was all wrong - c 198 changes, the vast majority of which increased in price. Normally I’d see 20-30 properties of which 90%+ would have price drops. On closer inspection the price in the ‘current price’ and ‘previous price’ columns had been swapped.

Can I propose that there was a data loading error last week, which was followed by a correction this week (early) which has amalgamated 2 weeks of price drops into one - perhaps the cause of the spike?

Maybe someone from Irishhousehunter.com can clarify?

PS, I’m a big fan of the site and watch it every week.


It would seem something has gone askew with the data alright. The total number of Daft.ie price drops is down to 420 this week, although it is interesting to note that the same period last year also saw a similar temporary downward spike.

Suggestion. A graph of the ratio of price increases : decreases might give a good indication of changes in market sentiment (?).

Yeah, i think you are right but not an error exactly. I usually run the program on a Friday night and last week it was a Saturday night so last week’s number includes 2 Saturdays. It would appear that Saturday is a popular day for EAs to change asking prices.

The first problem you mention on the current and previous prices being reversed was a problem for a few days but has been fixed.




Many thanks for providing this “public good”. My wife and I read your data every week!!!



Many thanks for providing this “public good”. My wife and I read your data every week!!!


And a big thanks from me to the hardworking people behind irishhousehunter.com.

It is a compulsive weekly read! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ve often thought about incorporating the positive price changes but the main reason i haven’t done is that the number of positive changes can be quite low and therefore a ratio with the negative changes would be very volatile week to week. The other issue is to think about why EAs changes prices upwards. My thinking was/is that typically they would be happier to have a bidding war behind closed doors so little incentive to push the public asking price upward. The final consideration is that a number of the positive changes are probably the rectification of an error.

Should carry a health warning so…

The Galway independant has a “CEO” :laughing: