www.opentooffers.ie - Anyone know anything about this one?

This buyers & sellers website is being advertised in our local press, looking for interested parties to populate it.


Should be interesting. Haven’t quite figured out how it works yet. But as a househunter will be keeping a keen eye on it.
I guess if no-one signs up for it, it won’t be worth a dicky bird.

Yes, it is a good idea for helping people to sell their property and advertise the fact that they are open to taking offers for their property .It has a cheap enough price for the service and it beats paying an auctioneer especially if the price the seller is taking is lower than they would have liked. The auctioneers aren’t doing much extra to justify their fee and any advertising they are doing they are charging extra for it . I think it makes alot of sense . Timmy.

I am the webdesigner for this one - brand new site - about 2 weeks live and has about 50 properties on it now + just introduced rentals -so getting there - If you have any questions about usage etc… feel free to contact me - finelineproductions@eircom.net - or if you find bugs!!!

ALan Kehoe