YAWIW thread [yet another what's it worth]

Any thoughts on the following daft.ie/1432038

Some much worse properties in the area at c300,000 have been on the market for almost six months.

Some stuff has sold in the area last year.

If it is region 325,000 then 300,000 might be on the cards…

Pick the salary of the type of person you expect to see living in this place and multiply it 4.5… where you see it going depends on where you see the salary going (probably salaries on average will be down 20% by the end of the crisis, as this is the cost differential between us and Germany, but it will not be spread evenly).

Applying a rent multiplier is difficult at the moment as rents are in flux.

Also have a look at:

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So a couple making 35k each would could afford 4.5 x 70k = 315k

So its priced close to the bottom. Now all we need is for the other 6000 properties for sale in the Dublin market to price their properties similarly and we’re back to normal.

No, that would be primary salary only, on the basis that it is 3x primary plus 1.5x second, 4.5x in total. Dual income households are going to get hammered with tax rises…

Yes and hammered by child care costs as well.

But thats a detached 4 bed house in the Dublin area. You would have senior managers bidding for that kind of house. Salary 90k + 0k (stay at home mum) x 4.5 = 405k

I think its priced at the bottom.

You’re looking at the wrong one HWV - this is the three bed semi in Leixlip - the other one is prices at 725k, but I think you are right that the price the OP in the other thread has put on it fits with the method - that would be my guess too.

Thanks to whoever came up with the method, by the way (daltonr? Ozzy?), I think it is a useful way to imagine where the price for a particular area will go.

How can I be looking at the wrong one. Theres only one house mentioned in this thread

Its a 4 bed detached in Leixlip asking 325k. Thats the bottom in my opinion. Aint going to go much lower than that.

Apologies. I didn’t look at the picture carefully enough. I think 90k is rich for Leixlip.

This is the one that I think a 90k salary would be living in:
myhome.ie/residential/search … LRRV364770