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Kayne is being a particularly bad boy

Kanye West posts disturbing tweet claiming he’s ‘going def con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE’ | Daily Mail Online

Kanye threatens to go to WAR with ‘Jewish people’: Claims he can’t be anti-Semitic because ‘black people are actually Jew also’ - after his Insta was restricted for saying Diddy was being controlled by Jewish people

  • After being censored on Instagram, Kanye West returned to Twitter with a tweet suggesting he would be ‘going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE’
  • He added, ‘The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also’
  • The rapper’s latest tweet about Jewish people has already been remove by Twitter
  • West hasn’t been on Twitter in nearly two years, and was welcomed back to the platform by Elon Musk, who tweeted, ‘Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!’
  • West, 45, also wore his controversial White Lives Matter shirt to his daughter’s basketball game on Saturday
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I suppose that makes the Irish Black. :icon_beer:

Menace media media menace.

Tim Pool is barely a midwit as far as I can see, don’t know much about Kanye but I like his style here.
No point in hanging around prevaricating and disavowing with people who are dishonest, stupid or ideologically captured. (I have no idea which apply to Pool)

The commentators are saying he has compromised whatever electability he had with his hardline stance here but when the elections are themselves compromised what does it mean to be ‘electable’?

Is he electable by the current definition? No.

Did he just demonstrate something that corresponds with what it takes to be a leader? Possibly.

I’m enjoying the spectacle. But reminder from Twitter anon:

Black antisemitism is always a subset of broader black anti-white resentment. They view Jews as a religious subset of whites and to the extent any of their views go against “Jews,” they go more broadly against whites a hundred fold. This why Kanye celebrates Haitian Revolution

Agree, but when the system finally succeeds in terminally de-legitimising itself then someone will eventually lead the revolution and that person won’t be someone who is trying to work within the system, speaking the language of compromise and paying fealty to the powers that be.
I’d rather it wasn’t Kanye West or any other Haitian revolution fan but he’s the only person that I am aware of who seems to exhibit any of the characteristics needed.

An egotistical billionaire with a chip on his shoulder is a good start. DJT didn’t see past the system, didn’t appreciate how far gone it was and completely failed to undermine it from the inside.

The next leader of any consequence won’t be drawing his support from his media statements and appearances. He will have to have the vision to vitalize support through some other method and will be content to walk away from charlatans and fools regardless of their current influence.

West compares himself to both Malcolm X and MLK in that clip and incredibly likely he would be executed by the CIA before getting anywhere but I still think he is showing the first vestiges of what the eventual revolutionary leader will be.

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Kanye West visited Donald Trump in desperation because he was being set up for murder by the same agency that killed Aaron Carter.

Everything about his '24 presidential run and beef with Trump is a fake mirage. He needed protection.

Nobody has dodged more assassination attempts than Donald J. Trump.

archive of Kanye’s twitter account shortly before it was banned again.

Ah… Raelian’s, I suppose it was probably inevitable we’d eventually get to here, it’s always UFO’s somewhere right but the reporting and musk commentary on this appears to be wrong and/por misleading.

Do you know who/what the Raelians are? :alien: :disguised_face:

Claude Vorilhon was born in Ambert, France on 30 September 1946.[174] He was the illegitimate son of a 15-year-old mother; his father had been a Sephardi Jew then in hiding from the Nazi authorities.[174] Vorilhon later recounted being raised as an atheist by his grandmother and aunt, although for a time attended a Roman Catholic boarding school.

Raëlism - Wikipedia

An example of a quick image search

Oh and you can buy the logo if you wish:

They’re a new one for me.
I actually listened to the full 2 1/2 hour video of West on Alex Jones this morning to get the context of what is causing all the outrage.
I then looked at the 10 minute YouTube explanation of Raelianism and I can tell you he just ripped off the symbol. Nothing he was saying wasn’t 100% in contradiction to Raelianism.

I hadn’t followed any of it in depth, but your link was of interest.

Now that I’ve spotted what others haven’t, tells me something but I might not be able to fully articulate it yet, but you all have the info now and you might in time figure something out, even more surprising, or not. :wink:

Also the further and salient point being:

I’m told there were also comment by Mr Ye, but I can’t see those in the archive, any more on that at all?

I don’t remember him saying anything about aliens at all. It was a bit disjointed, like David Icke in his messianic phase except less coherent, but he spoke a lot about Jesus, Hitler and sexual morality but not aliens.
It was hard to follow and I suppose it could have been mentioned as an aside, the whole thing was all over the place.

The general impression was of rejecting convention and being anointed to be a leader for Jesus.

It’s been spotted! :wink:

This guy naively stepped into a minefield

His inevitable disavowal was remarkably honest though

Interesting parallels to Michael Jackson and antisemitism

Starts around 5:50

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This guy back on twitter now

This was the guy who was on Alex Jones with West last month.
He doesn’t sidestep JQ so expect he is back for a good time, not a long time.

Knew well that wouldn’t last long