Yet again, what would you pay ?

4 Bed ex rental in need of complete cosmetic upgrade ( Painting carpets etc)

What do the pinsters think?

Have offered within 9% of asking price, which was refused. A house accross the road in better condition went for €380,000 a little while ago.

Count your blessings that your offer was refused. 200K haggle hard.

If like he says a house across the road went for 380, isn’t that what the market values the house at? Saying that though, one sale doesnt make a market.

i would give 145k no more no less

The title of the thread is “…what would you pay?”, not what some other deluded crackpot might have paid recently.

says alot about what a shithole Dublin is that someone thinks that place is worth 380k…

Won’t be worth more than €200k in a years time. Your opening offer is WAY too high.

Rent this one for €1295 a month in the same area instead

Based on the rental income a place like this is worth 200kish

When the market is operating yes. Right now there’s effectively no property market and only a few transactions here and there. The Irish market left “fair value” behind a decade ago.

Get yourself a ruthless streak abusedhusband.
Consider this:
This property is an ex-rental.
Their is a fair chance the vendor is a public servant.
(Many guards had chains of 5 and 6 of these renters and are now feeling the pinch)
These people deserve no quarter whatsoever.
Further they have been hit only once thus far - the pensions levy.
There are 2 coming tsunamis that will sort these parasites out:
An Bord Snip and the Commission on Taxation report (both due out later this year).
After those hit the vendor will not treat you with such disrespect.
Bide your time -
His Judgement cometh and that right quick.

Now I feel like I need to back away slowly without making eye contact.

Actually it indicates people think it less of a shithole if they are willing to offer 380K :smiley:

Its always difficult when buying a home not to become emotionally involved.

If you feel yourself compelled in any way then you should remove yourself from the equation.

Get someone else, someone you trust, to negotiate on your behalf; a brother, father-in-law, cousin. That way you remove emotion and ‘bad judgement’ from the process.

Give it a try.


There is a sort of micro bubble in castleknock and always was . An oasis of genteel bourgeoisie in a world gone mad .

The problem is always whether that is a genuine Castleknock house or a genuine Blanchardstown house masquerading as a Castleknock house . That alone would explain a €100k differential depending on being 100m this way or 100m that way.

Another one of them lads is up for rental click here and it is NOT in Castleknock nor in Blanchardstown but in Carpenterstown begod !!!

Askaboutmoney had a long discussion on this thorny subject .


And Good luck !

personally you would have to pay me to live in D.15 unless it was within walking distance of the Phoenix Park and Myo’s

But i suppose i could rent it out for 1k a month medium term so deducting renovation costs that gives maybe 160k value?

I’m in quite a negative mood after seeing the ESRI report though.

Its always very important that you outsource any major decisions in your life to someone else , especially ones as big as this. :unamused:


Are you factoring in property tax or less mortgage interest offset against tax? Also, will current rents continue to fall and will void periods increase?

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I guarantee they would snap the hand off you if came back this time next year with the same offer.

this guarantee of yours - how does it manifest itself?

I was talking to an EA -( while asking if an offer made for mine was worth it ), and he told me that he was happy to get 350 for a 4 bed in that exact estate.
By the way, I sold my 4 bed in Castleknock Grange for €388 - closed last week and all of 5 estate agents I checked with told me they would advise to take it, and that they would not be able to get me any more for the house if I had to have gone with them ( House never actually went on market - I was open to go to any EA when offer was made )

Mine was far from an ex renter by the way - I had only spent 2k on the front door in January and 1k on tiling the guest bathroom and en-suite in Feb !