Yet another Pricedrop in Lucan

Was 405,000

Now is 398,000

Bit of a story behind this one… I put an offer on this last July/August 2006 for 420,000. Agent said I was outbid, never called me back though property was still on market, unsold, in December.

THANK GOD! I can’t believe I was so dumb, a personal thanks goes out to the agent for being so incompetent!

Seems the owner wised up and switched agents in January with a (likely insufficient) drop in price as well.

So, did you wait it out Diatom?

Happily renting in my 2 bedroom box, but landlord is gonna sell the place from under me when my lease is up :frowning:

Sell it to who ? And i am being totally serious .

If i had a choice between having an apartment with 25 equity (and bought within last 12 months and someother points) or no apartment with Zero cash i would choose the latter.

Thats how pessimestic i am about the future prices of apartments.