You Can't Do This, we're Ernst and Young


It’s very fishy indeed. What EY people did Anglo correspond with by email during the audit?


Anglo auditor went on to win state contracts -Roisin Burke -> … 12086.html


Newsnight on BBC reports Ernst and Young turning yet another blind eye to shady dealings…


Unless things have changed radically from my day, multi-national accountancy firms are essentially a collection of separate firms, there is no relationship (or ethos) between them other than that they all make financial contributions towards the global brand and certain other expenditures. Sure they try and maintain consistent behaviour in terms of audit practices between countries and they’ll hold conferences to that effect, but really, these are separate practices and they often compete with each other.

What I don’t understand is how these firms keep on getting awarded contracts to investigate their own and each others wrongdoings, it’s absolutely ludicrous, but not surprising for Ireland.


It’s a shame they can’t be brought to book like Arthur Anderson was…


Isn’t IAASA rather than CARB the people to investigate this?


where do you think the AA partners and directors ended up?

At another big 5, er, 4!


Anglo witnesses ‘coached’, Sean FitzPatrick trial hears - -> … -1.2952223


From the Stupid Auditor Tricks file: PWC fucks up the Oscars

Here’s a PWC promo video about how great they are for the Oscars. Some choice bits.