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So…they’re comparing what happened outside Dublin where “wet” pubs opened, with Dublin - where they didn’t. But the “wet pubs” were only opened for a few weeks before shutdown. Weren’t they telling us at the time that Dublin was ahead by a few weeks (in terms of case numbers) and that the rest of the country would catch up? And isn’t that what might have happened - regardless of whether pubs opened up?


They are comparing nothing. They are making it up. Completely. Most, if they have the courage to really ask themselves know this to be true.

C19 is a mental illness inflicted by the state on a truly confused public. It’s so sad.


Drink only pubs didn’t reopen down the country, only those doing food


They did. For 16 days.


Yes they did…hence the whole point of EY’s “research” and the IT article above…


To be honest E&Y are probably right but if you controlled out GAA county finals you would probably find that wet pubs are no more dangerous than gyms…which reopen this week.