You couldn't make it up - Ireland and Higgs Boson

Ireland could join CERN for €1m says director general Rolf-Dieter Heuer

Wow Forfas, now there is something else presumably this bloke Shanahan has impeccable credentials, just like Bertie’s mate who ran the SFI - with the mail order PhD.

The Irish government is like a particle without the Higgs Boson: Condemned to travel forever at the speed of light, unchanged, with no past, present or future

Excellent letter in today’s Irish Times:

Higgs boson
Sir, – Is mise le mass,


Lagore Road,

Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.

Ouch. That’s ridiculously good.

Erm, what’s good about it?

Pun, or wordplay, in multiple languages.

And yes, it’s brilliant.

I dont get it, help!

Normally, the sign off in a formal letter written in the Irish language is “Is mise le mEAs” (“I, with respect, am…”, followed immediately by the writer’s name).

The sign off above is “Is mise, le mAss” (“I, with mass, am…”, followed by the writer’s name).

The writer is intimating he is God.
(the Higgs Boson is commonly referred to as “The God Particle”, as it is thought to be a central part in creation, in creating mass or substance)

Good one.

It is odd that the government can’t find 1M per year or even the full 11M to allow Irish participation is what is the most exiting scientific project on the planet currently. If nothing else its good PR, a place to showcase Irish talent, and potentially attract the ever sought foreign investment based on relationships that could be forged at CERN.

We can participate in the Eurovision, but not in CERN :smiley:

No. No I don’t accept that.
Ireland should stay well clear of CERN and the outer limits of sci-fi.
I’ve posted before on this message board how the Hadron Collider is a NWO weapon of mass distraction, to be wheeled out and pointed at whenever some seriously dodgy news shit is being buried out of sight behind the curtain.
Ireland’s best contribution to CERN and all its works is to keep a wary eye on what it’s up to.
Keeping the Skibbereen Eagle spirit alive for a new generation of concerned global citizens.

Agreed. What what I thinking! :laughing:

Pedant alert: :blush:

I thought he was just intimating that the Higgs Boson is “Mass” and not “God”. Where’s the mention of God? And in any case, the Higgs Boson particle is not Mass but is a particle which allows other particles to have mass. So while very witty the letter is alas factually inaccurate.

Mr Patriarchal in the old testament in the original Jewish introduces himself to Moses as “I am who I am” on mount Horeb…(so I am so I am so I am)…what we end up calling “Yaweh” (turned later into “Jehovah”) once you stick in the vowels (which Jewish script at the time left out)

It was blasphemy a la ‘Life of Brian’ to say “I am” in some contexts eg Jesus fleeing a mob when he answered a question “are you saying you have seen Abraham?” with “Before Abraham was, I am.”

Dont ask me how people ever said “I am going to the shop” without getting a stoning

My Irish isnt good enough to comment on whether the “Is mise” word order conforms to the Jewish “I am”…

Wha…? :open_mouth:
It’s circular, for crying out loud. You can’t point it anywhere! :unamused:

Higgs walks into a church, Priest says sorry we don’t allow Bosons in here. Higgs replies; but without me how do you have mass?

Two atoms are walking down the street, one says to the other; shit, I think I’ve lost an electron. The other says: are you sure? … Yes I’m positive!


Negative spin aside – I waited for ions on the internet and then two come along at the same time!
Sick as a parrot! :open_mouth:

No mail order PhD’s for this chap. According to LinkedIn his background is… drum roll please…

  • Lancaster University Master of Research, Educational Research 2003 – 2005 / *
  • DIT M.Sc, Hospitality Management 1998 – 2000 / *
  • DIT H. Dip., Hotel and Catering Management 1990 – 1994/ *
  • Trinity College, Dublin B.Sc., Management (no years)/ *

So, clearly impeccable scientific credentials.

And as recently as 2005 he was working in Failte Ireland with responsibility for CERT.

Mind boggles, to be honest.