You couldn't make it up - Ireland and Higgs Boson

I thought he was saying “It’s me with mass”. Thought it made sense.

Two Neutrons walk into a pub and order pints. One goes to pay, barmen looks at him and says, “no charge”.

An oldie but a goodie.

Those smug Irish Times puns make me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork. Sick to boring your ‘mates’ in the Golf Club bar please.

What the fuck?! Seriously?

Perfectly qualified for life on the gravy train…

This made me laugh out loud. Then I cried just a little.

I don’t really like looking at qualifications for positions and saying that x must have y to get z, but this is not someone who did a degree in one thing, but has worked in management in, say, a research lab for most of their career. There must surely have been more appropriate candidates? Or maybe Forfas is not really about science…,6424,en.php

Without calling into doubt his excellent credentials with regard to the science of running the hotel bar, I would have my doubts about the Trinity College mention.

Until recently DIT did not award it’s own degrees, so a B.Sc. obtained at DIT would appear to be awarded by University of Dublin (of which Trinity College is the only constituent college). Did they guy really go to Trinity at all, or should his CV really read “University of Dublin”, or more honestly “DIT”?

I’m also of the school of thought that a bit of interdisciplinary cross-fertilization is a good thing, and don’t need to see linear straight edge career tracks. But I see almost nothing in his background that matches with the remit of Forfas, unless they’re winding the place down and going to turn it into a skills-accreditation outfit or something.

@babbage: well spotted, I’d say you’re right.

In my day they called it the College of Catering in Cathal Brugha Street!

Ah yes, you are correct. For some mad reason I had read it in Irish, French and English (“le” being the French for “the”). Still don’t get how some previous posters are implying a mention of “God” in the letter, though.

I must say, I had to read it a few times & I didn’t see the God reference. I thought it was called the ‘god’ particle, because the scientists referred to that ‘goddammed’ particle they just couldn’t locate, and some some publisher didn’t like the ‘dammed’ reference and thought the ‘God’ particle sounded better. I came in at the tail end of a radio interview a few days ago, so reference may not be completly accurate…

Yes, it is referred to as the God Particle - … uestion%3F

and MASS is where Irish Catholics go to bow down before God.

Lack of funding: Shure, we couldn’t be messing around with anything to do with God like.

mind you, we found this many eons ago in Delta Quadrant - we merely wanted to see how long it would take earthlings to discover it by their own devices.