Your Brexit Contiengcy planning, do you even have any?



I wonder, what kind of Brexit contingency planning have people engaged or been involved with over the last 2+ years, at a personal and also commercial terms or have most assumed the politicians have it covered? :slight_smile:


Have bought a good supply of tinned food along with jacks roll. One is not much use without the other.


Circle of life planning! :laughing:


I’m still torn between stockpiling beans or popcorn. 8)


We have contracts signed for a move back to Ireland from Brexitland for the summer.

We’ve always been pretty good for having a few weeks worth of non-perishables in reserve, even have a few camping gas canisters. We have to sit down soon and plan a few essentials to get in to push that out to a month. I sense the English public are primed for a bit of shortages hysteria so I want to avoid having to join any queues if I can.


rien a faire. The biggest non event since y2k


I am of the same view btw but let’s keep that to the other thread. This is to chart who has most or less egg on face when it’s all said and done. :wink:


I reckon you’re right, but still I’m where I am.

From chatting with police I’m more concerned about attacks on minorities in England.


As long as the eggs are dried or pickled, it won’t matter. You can use them anyway. 8)


I doubt that will happen

But the violence will continue in the other direction


Stay on topic please “Brexit contingency - prepping”, e.g. "… I got a shotgun that came free with the 40ft container of beans….



Well where I am in England mosques getting firebombed was a weekly occurance in the months after the Arena bombing. It calmed down again but it won’t take much to kick things off again and Brexit day may be that spark. The police locally have all leave cancelled for that period and the month after.


The reason that was a non event was because people actually analysed thousands of lines of code and data and fixed problems. For instance I understand that a lot of Social Welfare systems wouldn’t have worked without the rectification and testing that was carried out in 1998/99.

I personally don’t have to carry out contingency planning, however the VAT treatment of trading with the UK will have to be changed and as yet it is not clear what that will be. I have heard of many firms in the agrifoods sector making expensive provisions including putting up buildings and even trying to buy businesses in the other jurisdiction. The €massive ongoing merger between Lakeland Dairies and LacPatrick has probably got a large Brexit element to it as both have operations and suppliers on both sides of the border.


Yes, I was with a major company that brought in a whole team to “y2k proof” their IT systems.
The day was a complete non-event, so therefore a complete success, same story almost everywhere.
Except for the odd 19100 date on a website calendar.

Any I think the only thing I need to look out for is the old UK driving licence, will it be made invalid after B-day, or will common sense prevail to avoid the ludicrous situation of tens of thousands of motorists suddenly not having valid driving licences on the 30th March.


I like the term “B-day” because it suggests that just like “Bidet”… it could be messy and there’s a high risk of getting your arse burned.


Or, indeed, an expected stiffie. :blush:


No preparations for me, but sisters in England are getting harped passports for their children.


On the subject of Food Security.

A rating system administered by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Food Security, ranked Ireland #1 in 2017, more recently in 2018 Singapore enjoys the top spot leaving Ireland in second place.


I’ve written software to scrape selected programs off the BBC website (mostly Radio 4) and compile them into a daily album. Then I go to the garage and buy a huge bag of popcorn, Bluetooth the phone to the car stereo, and go for a nice country drive while listening to the world collapsing. There’s something very cathartic about it.



Serious question…what happens to trust in the mainstream media, politics and the establishment generally if it proves to be another Y2K event (my prediction) ?