Your Country, Your Call

All for the sentiment, but can’t help but wonder just how screwed we really are if we have to pop up a website to turn the whole thing around.

Perhaps a website is the 2010 version of a SelfAid concert … mind you, Christy had more hair back then.

But, with any luck, someone will come up with a block buster.

Blue Horseshoe


Allied Irish Banks plc :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Bankcentre, Ballsbridge
Dublin Co. Dublin

Domain name:

Created on: 2009-09-28
Expires on: 2011-09-28

Administrative contact:
Bankcentre, Ballsbridge
Dublin Co. Dublin
+353 16600311
+353 16089675

Technical contact:
Role Netnames Hostmaster
3rd Floor Prospero House
241 Borough High St.

Shame they couldn’t feckin’ do it for a business idea…

I was at Self Aid . Weird day , I think it ’ raised ’ 6 jobs


Anyone want to submit this idea…

Just had a look at site, took me a while to navigate around it.

Why do we need another request to submit more ideas, didn;t we already do that

I suppose though that at least we won’t be waiting on the government to implement the best ideas, and money will be available
Interesting that AIB is behind the website :question:

I should probably point out that isn’t my website.

I just spotted it over on the No to NAMA facebook page.

I’ve got one - how about designing a website where each page fits on a screen and where you can see all the text in the text boxes…


Strike any web design based ideas from the list…we show ineptitude on that count

Massive pimping on RTE news now

Submission from Michael in Westmeath…

Give me Hanger 6 and I’ll give you 300 jobs by July you gobshites, now shut up

No we didn’t, apparantly. At least not many people did.

Google Trends says…

Your terms - - do not have enough search volume to show graphs.


Interesting that AIB formed the site. It is an arthur cox company ltd by guarantee with a few solicitors and also Larence Crowley ex BOI governor.

The forming M&S is here with the founders. … mh-Mor-M-A

Chris Horn just tweeted that the site claims ownership of all IP in content posted

Well, I did say there were a lot of solicitors involved. :smiley:

Vote for my plan
Sex Drugs, Golf and Roscommon

Guy on Morning Ireland pimping this : “The most sophisticated technology on the internet, it has Facebook…”

What a steaming pile of waffle…

Fucking laughing stock stuff on its second day of operation!

What snake oil salesman is getting paid to set up this perpetual motion machine?

Eh…do we not elect a government to do stuff like this?

I notice that windbag of a President of ours is on the front page. Id watch her video but I already stuck red hot staples into my eyeballs today so got my masochism fix.