Your numbers up! Do you plan to get the FREE experimental genetic injection from the HSE & Big Phamra?

Now that everyone is dead from the pandemic and you are one of a few survivors - will you proceed to take the free experimental genetic injection from the HSE when your time is up?

  • NO - I will not take
  • YES - I will take.
  • Injected - #1
  • Injected - #1 + #2
  • Injected (other)
  • This Poll is a Conspiracy Theory

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Still not the ratio the Provid Regime need to get over the line for the next phase i.e. digital capture and lockdown.

Concern as 220,000 people aged 60 to 69 fail to register for vaccine. Hmmm I wonder why?

@ Open_Window maybe time for another Poll soon?

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If this experimental injection has a component that makes it self-spreading as explained here and is not only able to kill recipients but also kill at a distance through inhalation and touch (as well as cause disease and potentially unknown longterm reproductive complications in many others) - then has humanity been duped by all the snakes on the board to go back to square one to never moved forward again?

Nothing to see here.

" The best vaccine is the one that you are offered".

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Denmark became the first country to drop the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 shot from its vaccination programme owing to blood clot concerns, weeks after also excluding the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab. The Danish health authority said on Monday it had concluded that the benefits of the J&J vaccine did not outweigh its risks given that the country had the pandemic “under control” and had decent supplies of other jabs. Deputy director-general Helene Probst said that Denmark would in the coming weeks be mostly vaccinating “younger and healthy people” and that the risk of causing severe blood clots weighed heavier than what it would lose from not using the jab to fight the spread of Covid. “In the midst of an epidemic, this has been a difficult decision to make, especially since we have also had to discontinue using the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca,” she added.

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