Your Taxes at work ... [MHR]

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heard this a$$hole on newstalk this morning - waffling on abotu charity etc…
makes my blood boil!! I wanted Chris to be much tougher on that bloody spoofer.

of course he himself didnt make the calls. ! it was either his aides / support team / admin staff etc…

I’ve always wondered how the likes of JHR and MHR or Lowry / O Dea can top the poles… Could our election count process be tainted too…

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The innocuous straw that breaks the camels back?


Nero would be proud.

This is what happens when you leave MHR NEAR a phone

Vote early - Vote often

The Healy-Rae family have an interesting view of the voting process. I wonder if they applied it in the general election?

Nepotism breeds corruption

Fucking horrible cunts should be broken on the wheel.

I guess MHR is the new line in the sand, I know I couldn’t sit with someone who votes for his kind.

I know of a few Americans who went to Kilgarvin looking up their roots, they were trying to find the auld homestead long fallen into ruins, any way who did they come across on the main street but MHR.
So my mates say "Excuse me would you know where the old farm house of Paddy Murphy* (not the real name) would be

MHR “Well now I’d be fairly shure but go up there to Johnnys supermarket (not the real name)* tell him I sent you, be sure to buy something** and ask him the same question he’ll where they were where they went too and how many cows they had”

My mates thought he was charming, I thought it gas the way he was getting the auld keep the money local and shure twas I gave you the business

we’re back !

No, corruption embracing electorates engender corrupt politicians.