"You're sitting on a great little goldmine here"

Great story by Fergal Keane. Excerpt:

Link for above: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/f … 401513.stm

My link not good enough for ya?

Nice whiskey nose on Bert in the picture.

Was listening to this whilst driving over the English/Welsh border watching all the IRL cars coming against me a laughing at the agent who turned down my offer for a 1000 sq ft house this week.

Lot’s still to come folks.

Sorry, going a bit colour-blind in my old age!

Fergal will have more on the Irish bubble on Panorama tomorrow night. Looking forward to it.

Knowing him he’ll find some way of blaming Irish nationalism for it.

Turns out the goldmine has collapsed trapping a few million victims. The rescue effort thus far has proven unsuccessful.