Yousef Palani - Double Beheading Murder Trial & Media MisInformation

This is what they wanted.


Diversity is our strength.


He also ensured the men he decided to target were Irish asking one: “Are you sure you are 100pc Irish?”

The court also heard there was sexual contact between Palani and Mr Burke prior to him launching an attack.

Palani denied being gay, despite gardaí managing to obtain DNA evidence that he had ejaculated in the home of Mr Burke.

The next bit is the clinker.

Det Gda Jordan told the court gardaí were of the view Palani had not been radicalised, and was motivated by hostility to gay men.

Killing two men and almost killing another, but definitely not radicalised. Maybe this was just another cry for help :upside_down_face:


The Indo are censoring. Won’t tell the full truth. It was clearly an anti Irish crime as well as anti Gay.

Per Indo “Too harrowing to tell you”

In harrowing evidence, the Central Criminal Court heard that Mr Moffitt was decapitated and had 43 stab wounds.
Mr Snee was stabbed 25 times, mainly to the head, neck and chest.
Mr Burke, who survived the attack, was stabbed in the eye with an eight-inch knife and ultimately lost sight in that eye.

Per Breaking News “decapitated head left on bed”

The court heard today that the first murder victim, Aidan Moffitt, had been decapitated in his home, with his head placed on a bed. He had also suffered 42 stab wounds.
Mr Moffitt’s body remained on the floor and gardaí noted that his two hands were tied behind his back. A yellow bottle of bleach was left beside his head, while a knife with a serrated blade had been placed into Mr Moffitt’s right hand after he was murdered, Det Gda Jordan said.

Michael Snee was also found tied up on the floor of his own bedroom, while a hunting knife and a black coloured knife had been laid on the bed to make the shape of a cross, the court was told.
There were 38 sharp force injuries to Mr Snee’s body, and he had been stabbed 25 times mainly to the head, neck and chest, said the garda witness.

But let’s ration our empathy here. Auld Irish gays will always be open borders because it gives them access to foreign twinks. They lost a few pawns here. But that won’t stop the fun. Aidan and Mick wouldn’t want it any other way either I bet.


They really have tried their best to scale down the horror of these attacks. I remember at the time reading the gardai statement of the murdered men being described as having “significant injuries”.

No mention of the 250k of cash that was found in Palani’s house either. I wonder was Palani doing a spot of moonlighting as an “exotic” rent boy for Irish gay men?


And remember he went straight to his mosque after the decapitation, had a kill list of a further 12 men and € 350,000 in cash was found at his gaff.

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The system is literally trying to oull the wool over a nations eyes. Ashling Murphy too, “strangled”.

Ask yourself what kind if people are they who want to cover this up while bringing in more more more people who will murder, rape and behead.

This choreography is not what happens in free and fair societies.

And…thats just 1 man who did that. How many are we letting in.

The next generation will be reliving something more akin to the days of Cromwell than the troubles


Interesting that an almost identical murder in Germany in 2020 was classified as an Islamic terror attack by Europol. Why weren’t the Sligo murders?

2020 baby.

Another World at this stage.

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The two engaged in sexual foreplay and Palani ejaculated on a cushion.

Just in case anyone was in my doubt, Palani was a closet self loathing gay man.

Seems fairly clear that coming to Ireland, discovering that apps existed where you could find a man within a ten minute bike ride for casual sex was too much temptation for Palani.

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More background on Palani and his family. He was married and his family weren’t respected like the media originally lied about.

Gardai investigating the 350k they found, all the family were on welfare. Why are we paying benefits to such people? Where did the cash come from? Media lied about this one as well.


Nio terrorism here. No way Jose.


They say some of it may have come from Iraq. I didn’t know they used euros in Iraq? It’s also been stated that it came from legitimate business activities. If noone in the house had a job, how did they have legitimate business activities?

His grindr name was Joking. He was 30 years younger. The old gay still couldn’t resist.

Burke’s life changed forever in early April last year when he got chatting to a young man on the gay dating app Grindr. The man suggested they move the conversation to another app called Kik, an instant messenger which allows users to communicate anonymously.
Burke takes out his phone and pulls up the app before scrolling down to the name “Joe King”.
“That’s him, that’s Palani.” Beside the name is a photo of a man’s muscular chest. The face is not visible.

He had one scary encounter but still couldn’t control himself with the guy was 30 years younger…

Burke asked Palani about his interests and he responded he was into tying people up. When he produced a length of rope from his pocket Burke became wary and decided to get the young man out of his house as quickly as possible. Palani finally left just after midnight.
The next day, Palani contacted Burke and again spoke of his desire to tie him up. Burke had no interest in this but it was agreed Palani could visit again that evening.

Just mad levels of impulsivity and compulsively about gay sex

When he arrived at his home, Burke suggested Palani take off his jacket but he declined. Unbeknown to Burke at the time, the jacket was concealing a large kitchen knife.
The two engaged in sexual foreplay. Burke did not want to take it any further and when Palani returned to the subject of tying him up he tried to get him to leave.
Burke finally convinced him to leave in the early hours of the morning. He walked with Palani for a while “to get him away from my area” before turning to go home.
At this point Palani cycled towards Burke and plunged the knife into his left eye, the blade stopping just short of his brain.

I wonder did all the victims know each other really well?

On the night of Monday, April 11th, gardaí called to his home. “Anthony, I’m sorry, there’s a man dead,” a garda said. Burke knew exactly who the victim was. Before attacking Anthony, Palani had told him about the other people he had been chatting with on the app. One of those men was Aidan Moffitt, a well-liked financial consultant who lived in Sligo town, and the name had stuck in Burke’s mind.

One thing I’m absolutely certain is that we’re not being told the truth of his previous gay encounters. What did older Irish gay men do to him in the past?

If the attacks do not meet the definition of terrorism, they certainly meet the definition of a hate crime. Det Garda Jordan said Palani had targeted his victims due to “hostility and prejudice” towards gay men. He also made sure to target only Irish men. In one message to a victim, he asked: “Are you 100 per cent Irish?” The Garda added he believed Palani would have continued to kill if he had not been caught.
The explanation of Palani being driven by extreme homophobia does not sit easily with the fact that he engaged in sexual acts with at least one of his victims. On the other hand, outside of the Netflix dramas, crimes often do not sit neatly into categories. It’s entirely possible Palani hated gay people while being gay himself

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Irish auld gays Twink Hunting young foreign men is nothing to be ashamed of. Sums up official Ireland

In passing sentence, Ms Justice Ring said that she was not going to repeat the “unspeakable violence” visited on the innocent men in this case.
She noted that the men were “cherished and valuable” members of their communities who were “complete human beings” and their sexuality was only a part of who they
Judge Ring said that they and their families had “nothing to be ashamed of”, adding that “shame is borne in this court by one person alone”.

We hear from Palani

Palani targeted gay men living alone and had been obsessed with tying them up before killing them.
Palani told gardaí: “You have to find the right person to kill – if they fall for the trick [of being tied up]. They have to be alone, in their own house.
“They like to be treated like women – tied up and raped as that is an easy way to kill them because they can’t fight back.”
Several times during his questioning, Palani denied being gay.
The court was told that gardaí had obtained DNA evidence of his sexual activity in the home of Mr Burke.

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We have to ask - What the hell is wrong with Detective Garda Jordan?

‘Not been radicalised’

What an insult to the nation

What sort of person lets themselves be tied up by a strange foreign man that they just met? I shudder to think what these men went through, I bet a lot of the vile acts have been left out.

Obviously these guys didn’t expect or deserve what happened to them. But what sort of total lack for personal safety must a person have to allow this.

I suppose it’s hardly surprising. Plenty of cases of foreign heterosexual men brutalizing women, why would it be any different with foreign gay men?