Zappone Gate - Animal Pharm goes live



Paul Reid, Head of HSE damage control mode - losing the plot?

Covid-19: HSE urges people not to drop guard out of ‘frustration, confusion’ amid Zappone controversy

Vaccine registration to open for 12- to 15-year-olds next week while walk-in centres for over-16s to operate this weekend

HSE chief executive Paul Reid appealed to people to avoid dropping their guard over the coming weeks, out of “frustration or confusion” amid the controversy over an outdoor event attended by 50 people including Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

Losing It - Who is losing what?

HSE not wining?
Are the Numbers not real?
Were any of the numbers real?
The deaths were real.
The cases were not real.
Backlash bubbling or backlash in motion?

Indoor dining > Inject children > Zappone Farm, the last straw.

Ireland equally close to completing Covid vaccinations or ‘losing it all,’ HSE chief says

This statement is irreconcilable, it is highly emotive, highly irrational - unless there are many things we do not knwow. Like the Zappone gathering things, being one thing, we did not know, think of all the many things we do not know because the media have covered for the Regime Animals for realty 2 years, actually longer but let’s stick with the Attack Of the Virus event.

You would let these Animals inside your children?

You woudl let the Animals push their genetic injection inside your children?

The Regime Animals?

Are the animals getting spooked?

Lets roll to the end of the broken news article and see what we can see:

The portal to register children aged 12 to 15 years for vaccination will open next Thursday, with the first doses being administered early the following week through vaccination centres, GPs and pharmacies, he said.

Mr Reid said he hoped that there was now a stronger relationship between the health service and the public because of the success of the vaccination campaign. The HSE was now more trusted and there was a stronger connection with the public, he said.

Do people not TRUST the Regime Animals with ethic children?

How could you not TRUST the Regime Animals?

How could you not TRUST the Regime Animals with your children for life?


Friday Lead Story as Gov Try To Cover Tracks

Pharma Owned Regime Animals direct media dogs to cover shit up with Friday Blitz

New Covid-19 outdoor guidelines permit gatherings of 200, live music in hospitality settings

Parties up to 200 and live music permitted outdoors under updated hospitality guidelines


Green Party candidate Claire Byrne said no more than 50 people were in attendance at any one time.
The invite to the Green Party event, seen by the Irish Examiner, was sent to 3,500 members who were encouraged to “share in your local groups”.

Sure Claire, Sure

Sure Sodom wasn't built in a day! Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia

Who Knew?

No one, until everyone did.

Restaurants Association “didn’t know until yesterday” that 200 people could gather outdoors

Joe|23 hours ago

We are disappointed that it took an event for 50 people to bring this announcement around." The CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) Adrian Cummins has said that the hospitality sector “didn’t know until yesterday” that 200 people were permitted to gather outdoors for social reasons.

Restaurants see green light to host parties of 200 outdoors in wake of Zappone controversy|1 day ago

The Government is now under pressure to clarify the implications of the revised guidelines on open-air gatherings

Attorney General says parties of up to 200 allowed outdoors as Leo Varadkar says he is ‘confident’ he didn’t break Covid rules at Zappone party|2 days ago

THE Attorney General Paul Gallagher has advised the Government that parties of up to 200 people are permitted outdoors .

Hospitality sector did not know 200 people could gather outdoors in social settings until AG confirmed

The Irish Times|1 day ago

Political controversy continues after Zappone steps back from envoy role and FF Minister says Varadkar and Coveney ‘should have exercised better judgment’

Fáilte Ireland seeking clarity from officials over ‘200 people outdoors’ rule|1 day ago

Fáilte Ireland will “engage intensively” with the Government in a bid to revise guidelines for outdoor hospitality.

200 outdoor rule

MidWest Radio|1 day ago

Deputy wants answers from the AG on when the " 200 outdoor " rule was introduced . A Roscommon deputy is demanding clarification from the Attorney General on when the " 200 outdoor r

Live music and 200 people allowed at outdoor events under updated Failte Ireland guidelines

rsvplive|33 minutes ago

Failte Ireland has just released its updated guidelines for outdoor events following the controversial event hosted by former minister Katherine Zappone in the luxurious terrace at Dublin’s Merrion Hotel.

Parties up to 200 and live music permitted outdoors under updated hospitality guidelines|28 minutes ago

The updated Fáilte Ireland guidelines for outdoor events come after the Government said certain outdoor events with up to 200 people are permitted

CONFIRMED: Live music now allowed in outdoor hospitality settings in Ireland

Joe|24 minutes ago

Live music and performances are still prohibited indoors but are allowed to take place outdoors provided the performance area is a minimum of two metres from the customers. Organi

Fáilte Ireland updates advice on outdoor gatherings and live music after Zappone controversy|21 minutes ago

FÁILTE IRELAND HAS updated its guidelines for organised outdoor events following advice from the Attorney General. Earlier this week AG Paul Gallagher advised the government that up to 200 people can attend organised outdoor events and gatherings.

In wake of Zappone hotel controversy, Government says outdoor events of up to 200 can take place|2 days ago

It comes in the wake of reports that former Minister Katherine Zappone held a large social event outdoors at Dublin’s Merrion Hotel.

Attorney General says the rules allow for organised outdoor events and gatherings up to 200 people

Irish Daily Mirror on|2 days ago

The announcement comes as various Ministers and TDs faced criticism for being at Katherine Zappone’s private function. “Further updates will be made” to ensure the public have “clarity”, the Governmen


Zappo the Witch works her (his?) black magic on the Ruling Elite occultists in Leinster Hse. and the Attorney General’s office.


To achieve what?

Sinn Fein insertion

A political switch-a-roo of one puppet regime for another puppet regime to keep Animal Pharm show on the road?


Who knows for sure, these creatures are exceedingly odd (brother Enda promoting Zappo the Witch in the first place, for example around the same time as the George Lee psy-op, now Chief Scientism Correspondent, naturally being a case in point).

However, there is a lot of gas-lighting in the msm right now; just this morning (6/8/2021), we have the Belarussian athlete and China refugee programming, designed of course for mk-ultra style brainwashing of the injected masses.

To quote Winston Zeddemore, “I love this town!”


Please link if possible to:

  1. “…for example around the same time as the George Lee psy-op, now Chief Scientism Correspondent, naturally being a case in point”

  2. “…the Belarussian athlete and China refugee programming, designed of course for mk-ultra style brainwashing of the injected masses.”


  1. So bro. George ‘hoovers’ up the protest vote and then resigns, bringing all the hopes and dreams of the conformist blue-shirt voters with him:

  2. A Belarussian (get it?) athlete granted humanitarian asylum for, get this, “refusing orders to fly home”. Since when, in the last year was refusing authoritarian State orders allowed?

  3. Safe haven for Hong Kongers in US “rather than to face repression by being deported to the Chinese-controlled territory” courtesy of deep-CGI bot Biden:


Controllers Activate Plan B

Stage managed or real organic spontaneous gusty political play for th… never mind. :sleeping:

Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy has called on Tánaiste Leo Varadkar to come out of “hiding” to answer questions on the Katherine Zappone controversy and the updated public health measures.

New guidelines for the hospitality industry published on Friday mean 200 people can gather at an outdoor event with live music.

The change comes in the wake of the Zappone scandal, in which she organised a private party six days before she was nominated as a UN envoy.

Perhpas Zappone will fare better under a New Queen. :whistle:


Did Varadkar “let his guard down” or did he “want to show support for a Globohomo ally and sound her out about the Globohomo Envoy role” ?


Some FF keep heads down

Yesterday, Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath, Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien, Education Minister Norma Foley and Health Minister Stephen Donnelly did not respond to requests for comment on whether they supported their party leader’s campaign to vindicate the Tánaiste.

No FG support Varadkar

There has been no public comment so far from any senior Fine Gael ministers about the latest controversy surrounding their party leader.

All Greens keep head down

The Green Party has also remained silent on the Merrion Hotel party which was attended by Environment Minister Eamon Ryan’s joint chief of staff Donall Geoghegan.

Responsible Green Minister goes silent

Tourism Minister and Green Party deputy leader
Catherine Martin has stayed silent on the debacle despite the huge impact the confusion over the guidelines has had on the hospitality sector which she has responsibility for.

Labour keep heads down, once they learn Batshit was there

Meanwhile, Labour Party leader Alan Kelly will not say if he will be taking any action against Dublin Bay South TD Ivana Bacik over her attendance at the party.
Ms Bacik has not spoken publicly about her involvement in the incident or apologised for attending.
Labour TD Duncan Smith was critical of Ms Zappone’s party when news of it first emerged. However Labour has said nothing since it transpired Ms Bacik attended.


Batshit backs down

The Labour Party leader, who is a regular critic of the Government, has not made any comment on Ms Bacik’s attendance at the party.
Mr Kelly recently accused the Government of overseeing discriminatory policies when indoor dining certificates were introduced.
Ms Bacik’s director of elections for the Dublin Bay South by-election, Duncan Smith, initially criticised Ms Zappone’s party but has not commented since it emerged his Labour colleague attended the event.


Remember this attempt to quench the fire? :slight_smile:

Coveney ‘blames himself’ over Zappone appointment process


Direct lie from Coveney:

“She’s a lawyer…”

The woman has no professional qualifications; that is a fact.


Hey, she has a “PhD” from Boston University in Religious Education. And a MBA from UCD…

Actually her academic career is rather odd. As expected. In Seattle she got a degree in Religion and Psychology from Seattle University. Seattle University is a private Catholic university where the not very bright middle class kids go. Usually from the local private Catholic High Schools. All the bright kids go to UW. The University of Washington. So she got an idiot degree from where the thick middle class kids go.

The MA in DC and the PhD in Boston are even odder. Those are what people who are going to teach in seminaries or religious schools get. Boston University is the Boston equivalent of Seattle University. A Catholic University where the not very bright middle class kids go. One step above the local City College. Where the poor (but usually bright) kids go.

So very much one of those highly educated people who are so much better than us hoi polloi. In other words as thick as a plank.


In days of old she might have become a nun.
IMHO, she has the look of one.


‼️ The Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar must resign‼️

See our full statement here👇

— Ógra Fianna Fáil (@OgraFiannaFail) August 10, 2021

#ResignLeo trending now. I guess Leo has lost the dressing room

There is a phrase in politics, often attributed to former British Labour party spindoctor Alastair Campbell, that if you are still the story after 10 days you are toast.


I still find it strange that the media appear to have turned on some of their erstwhile darlings. Discretions committed by the like of Zappone, Leo, Coveney etc that could potentially have knock on effects for others such as Bacik and Eamon Ryan etc are usually ignored on the basis of them all being perceived to be on the same (the correct) side.

The Examiner and the Independent have pursued this story for some reason. Although the IT have played it down somewhat beyond some anodyne ‘commentary’.

Ogra Fianna Fáil have called on Micheal to collapse the Government. Apparently ff grassroots up in arms due to perceived inequality of treatment vis a vis golfgate etc.


You should see the rest of the guestlist. You will soon.

It’s magical.