Zappone Gate - Animal Pharm goes live



Excellent summary here…


Don’t forget she managed to get a self-serving lie installed in the National Museum and literally every single media outlet reported it without question.

Ms Zappone married Dr Gilligan in Dublin Castle in January 2016 following the referendum in May 2015 which legalised same-sex marriage in Ireland.
The couple were previously married in Canada in 2003


Liked this bit particularly.

And most absurdly of all we now see our triumvirate of lame duck political leaders supporting their ministerial colleague, Simon Coveney, in insisting that everyone’s idea of lobbying isn’t really lobbying and that a job offer isn’t really a job offer

It’s interesting to see the establishment try to tiptoe away from this. Here it’s mouthpiece calls it “Zappone’s antics”


Most museum donations are tax write offs.

Not sure what value could be put on the dresses.




Suspension off the ship of doom. Decisions eh?


Let Them Eat Cake

Self burial at this point. In flames. Not very bright.

The picture taken of Tánaiste Leo Varadkar at a London festival shows that some people will “celebrate” the violation of another’s privacy, according to his partner Matt Barrett.

… In a letter published in The Irish Times on Saturday, Mr Barrett said: “The notion that the right to privacy is one which is conditional on the attitudes, sensibilities and prejudices of another” is “both ridiculous and dangerous”.

Mr Barrett wrote: “The individual who photographed the Tánaiste does not have a right to violate this [right to privacy] merely because she believed it was justified and consistent with her own beliefs about what constitutes appropriate behaviour.”


Why did he feel the need to distinguish between the sexes ?
I got it too.


The only thing I’d take from that is there’s big fear of worse photographs than that floating around of various party loving homosexuals in our gay mafia.

Apparently gay privacy is sacrosanct. But my privacy to object to globohomo and sisterhood thinking is open to attack.


Yep. As expected. Kompromat allegations. Tip of the iceberg/sextoy.


NGO bubble is undermining democracy

Sir, – Stephen Collins writes that it’s a mystery why Simon Coveney “went out of his way to appoint Zappone” (‘Zappone obsession deflects attention from bigger issues”, Opinion & Analysis, September 10th).

It’s not a mystery at all. Katherine Zappone is an “activist” closely linked to the burgeoning NGO sector. As happened in the UK under Blair’s New Labour, the political class in Ireland is now in thrall to it. Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour are especially so. Unfortunately, NGOs tend to be leftist and achingly progressive in outlook. They are not necessarily representative of public opinion. Despite this, their CEOs and spokespeople enjoy unrivalled access to the media, politicians and public servants. They wield huge influence behind the scenes over everything from bicycle lanes to the Government’s forthcoming “hate speech” Bill. This is incredibly dangerous as it undermines faith in democracy for those of us outside the NGO bubble.

Perhaps if Fianna Fáil wants to recover its mojo it could start by championing a fully inclusive Irish democracy (“Party struggles to answer one big question: what makes it different?”, Pat Leahy, Analysis, September 10th). A democracy where free speech and all opinions are valued, not just those of the chattering classes, the NGO industry and the elite media. – Yours, etc,


That letter is a superb summary of the situation re NGOs here. They are literally dictating policy to the democratically elected Government, acting as if they have some kind of righteous mandate from the population.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the migration/asylum/refugee NGOs. (they don’t make any distinction between these three cohorts.)

The homeless charities too have a massive influence on government and media - and both groups will shamelessly use every hard case to the maximum effect.

(Don’t get me started on Amnesty and its terminally angry CEO!)