Zel Boy Jumps the Shark

It’s over. They can go home. It’s done.


There’s a few versions…


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Zel Boy :rofl:

I don’t know when but the day will come when Zel Boy is pulled down from his pedestal of establishment NATO poster-boy. Either Putin does it when Ukraine is defeated and the majority of The Ukraine is annexed by Russia, or else the US turn on him.

These Vogue puff pieces will age about as well as sour milk, or covid vaccine propaganda. I give him a year, two years tops. High probability he is brutally murdered by the people who support him now.

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Leaders who fight proxy wars on behalf of more powerful nations rarely prosper in the long run.

Follow the Wives

The Bono pose (… later adopted by Chris Martin) really gets around.

My name is Olena Zelenska. Thank you for visiting the website of my Foundation.

Today, every person in Ukraine uses their resources and abilities to bring victory closer.

During these long months of full-scale invasion, along with our partners, both Ukrainian and foreign ones, we have implemented lots of socially important projects, including the purchase of medical equipment, delivery of humanitarian aid, evacuation of children abroad, etc.

However, new needs and requests arise every day. So, resources are needed to continue and expand our initiatives in order to help as many people as possible.

That is why I am creating this Foundation.

I want to use my resources and international connections to attract foreign investments to restore and improve people’s lives in Ukraine. After all, I do that it is human with whom the reconstruction of the whole country shall begin.

We have all changed and hardened in recent times. And now, we realize that the efforts and help from each of us matter. Just like every human being does. Since it is a human who is the main value of Ukraine.

So, my Foundation is about people and for people. Join in!

Is it starting to all make sense?

Not one bit.

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attract foreign investments

One of the most corrupt countries in Europe. Do you really want to invest your money there, or with this woman? :thinking:

US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “have not always been smooth,”

According to him, Biden “privately” asked his Ukrainian counterpart to stop complaining about the lack of military assistance from the US-Washington Post

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A rogue’s gallery of failure!

Can they all just fck off to another planet and leave us the fck alone.

It’s making sense the way build back better did not make sense

“Leadership and fortitude” :clown_face:

What with the banning of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian language and culture, the bombing of Russian civilian enclaves in Ukraine, the mass arrests, the destruction of all press freedom etc. etc. it will be no time at all until Zelly receives the Milošević award for human rights.

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