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Wellcome Trust deserves it’s own topic tbh, for now, it’s financed minions appear everywhere like cognitive termites in the relentless cyberwar.

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  1. “How Did Prof Sam McConkey Go From Speaking Sense To Being A Fully Paid Up Member Of The Zero Covid Cult Crew (ZCCC)”

The answer to that question is contained within the film Jerry Maguire and Star Wars :thread: 1/21

  1. Prof Sam McConkey is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of International Health and Tropical Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin…

3 He is a staunch advocate of the Zero Covid policy along with the likes of Tomas Ryan, Aoife McLysaght, Kingston Mills, Gerry Killeen and Anthony Staines. He has also appeared on Claire Byrne Live, Prime Time & The Tonight Show to share his pearls of wisdom on all things “Covid”

  1. Like Tomas Ryan he has also received funding from the Wellcome Trust and is a Director of the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), an organisation whose objective is “to spearhead global vaccine development efforts”. No conflict of interest there then.

  2. Prof McConkey was also heavily involved in the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009. He estimated that between 20% and 40% of the Irish population would come down with the swine flu so between 900,000 and 1.8 million. 24 people sadly died.…

  1. Sam does like a bit of drama though, he said “If 1 in every 1,000 were to die, that would be like 4 jets going down in Dublin airport". What is it with these Zero Covid guys, Tomas Ryan even spoke of treating Covid cases like murder. Something quite sinister going on.

  2. So we can see that Sam’s predictions are not his strong point. Even for the Covid “pandemic”, Sam estimated between 80,000 and 120,000 deaths. Last time I looked we were at 3,950. Just out by a factor of 30.

  3. Hard as this is to believe, Prof McConkey did speak some sense back in March 2020. Initially, I thought I was hallucinating but then I listened and watched again and it is definitely him. Don’t believe me, listen to the 50 sec clip.

  4. In it he used language no Zero Covid Cult member would contemplating using. He spoke of “fun” & “keeping lives as normal as possible”, “doing sport & culture & music & business” as well as talking about the economy. He said “the economic consequences of this are huge”

  5. Also in March on the Claire Byrne Live show he correctly said that “80 per cent of people who have the virus have very mild symptoms.”

  6. In April after the worst of the “pandemic” had passed, we began to see a hardening of attitude. He spoke of “greater restrictions needed to finally curb this plague”…

  1. But then something happened over the course of the Summer. He turned into Darth Vader and fully crossed to the dark side. I can only think the Govt & NPHET felt the need to recruit a few more agents with “cold hard cash” or other “incentives”

  2. As Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr once said in “Jerry Maguire”


  1. Come September you can notice a distinct change in attitude. Looks like somebody had a word. Sam seemed to be telling some porky pies. He said that we were suffering from excess deaths in Ireland. Even Miriam O Callaghan spoke sense in this clip.

  2. In late September the Zero Covid crew were out in full force. Sadly for Darth Vader he ran into Dr Martin Feeley AKA Luke Skywalker and was what can only be described as “schooled”. He couldn’t muster any coherent argument to refute Dr Feeley.

  1. The public watching were probably scratching their heads saying “Why hasn’t anybody spoken about this before”. Even the comments in the Prime Time thread are very telling. As one person tweeted “Sam was roasted”. Another said “McConkey’s answers were just ridiculous"

  2. Sadly, it was the last time that an opposing viewpoint has been allowed on RTE. NPHET & the Govt wanted to shut down the debate probably throwing RTE some extra cash into the bargain. We had been thrown some crumbs, now it was time to go back to the narrative.

  3. Sam has had an easy ride ever since. Its always easy when there is no pushback, especially when none of the presenters challenge him. In November 2020, we began to see a new ZCCC “war cry” emerge.

“We can beat this. Get it down, and keep it down”

  1. This mantra was then repeated in another tweet on January 27th

Get it down Keep it down Keep it out. We can get it down We can keep it down We can keep it out. Will we?

  1. Now where did I see this before. That’s right, it was Tomas Ryan in an appearance on the Tonight Show on Feb 10th where he utters the exact same words.

  2. There is no doubt that the ZCCC are all singing from the same hymn sheet

You can picture them in their masonic robes, masked up, practicing their chant on Zoom before they hit the airwaves :grinning:

They are all in it together. Let’s hope that good eventually triumphs over evil.


Looks like the ZERO Covidianistas have been happy to be metaphorically injected with some black marketing mind goo, like some effective elixir they feel they might have been denied by life choices or their relative professinal peer groups, but have since supped from the cup and are feeling powerful. Alinksy powerful. Marketing powerful. Propaganda powerful.


Like Iraq Green Zones yea, kinda, like the global push force restrictions into green zones, restricted reservation living. So many Trojan horses on the Island demented and passionate about dismantling it all from the inside out.

The Zero Covid Terror Cells are dangerously passionate.

Dr Aoife McLysaght, a member of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group, said green zones could provide a pathway out of the pandemic by allowing the phased reopening of communities.


Remember this from January?

Members of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG) reiterated during a webinar on Wednesday their view that a “Zero Covid” strategy aiming to eliminate the virus must be adopted if the country is to avoid yo-yoing in and out of lockdowns.

AKA Policital activists, like BLM, basically unelected politicians hiding behind the clipboard and white coat getting incredible media coverage. It takes a lot of influence to get into the bought android for media on the island. Make no mistake.

Prof Aoife McLysaght, a lecturer in genetics at Trinity College Dublin, said that while there were certain aspects of the new measures she found “encouraging”, she feared they could lead to a false sense of comfort.

“The discouraging thing is that what they did yesterday is not going to work, and the fear is they think they have done something,” she said. Quarantining at home where family or flatmates are exposed to the virus is “not quarantine at all”, she said.

Her biggest concern, she said, is that there doesn’t appear to be a public health strategy beyond March 5th, when the current Level 5 lockdown is due to end.

“Even if they were to say our target is to get to Level 1 [restrictions] until the vaccine is completed. That is a defensible position,” she said.

Public support

However, she said there is now huge support from the public for adopting ISAG’s elimination strategy. Increasingly opposition politicians and even some dissenters within Government parties are coming out in favour of Zero Covid, she said.


ISAG are a Trojan horse, a political entity, a globally connected operation, whom appear to take some money from perps who presided over the mother and baby homes, i.e. Wellcome Trust, which IIRC morphed into GSK, Glaxo Smith Kline.

Also if you look at even international member of ISAG, Prof. Yaneer Bar-Yam (USA), President, New England Complex Systems Institute, they are an international movement funded by:

Thank you to our founding sponsor, Dean LeBaron and former sponsors:

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group


EMC Corporation

Group Health Cooperative

International Mission Board


Microsoft Research

The MITRE Corporation

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation

Pan Agora Asset Management

The World Bank


That’s a very military industrial deepstate zero covid complex how do you like you eggs in the morning group of operators.

That’s ISAG. That’s what you’re up against. Armed terror cells. Armed with information. Armed with funny-dirty money. Designed to destroy your way of life. Destroy you material security. Destroy your inalienable rights. Wearing the mask of “science” as a cover.

Conclusion ISAG are part of a global network of Weaponised White Coats and therefore Not independent.


Reposted from other thread - ISAG rumoured to be making formal links with groups abroad.