Zerohedge Max keiser infowars

What alernative media sites do you regularly read?

  • zerohedge
  • max keiser
  • alex jones
  • mish
  • peter schiff
  • tarpley
  • other conspiracy sites
  • other

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I think ZH, Keiser and Alex Jones are becoming more popular as people no longer take seriously whats spewed out of the MSM. However, i think their audience would still be limited to bloggers like those on the pin as opposed to your typical indo reader

Does the Daily Mash count?


Tarpley, Keiser and Jones.

Though if someone can persuade me to stop listening to them and start reading brendan keenan and Laura noonan I certainly would do that.

i could lend u some of my kids night time stories to fall asleep ( they only work on adults). Certainly heyt would be more challenging intellectually than poor old Laura and Brendan trying to put a coherent sentence together

Does anybody seriously believe laura sat the junior cert? I can understand brendan copying and pasting from the gov press office but Laura?

Regular reader of zerohedge, something about max k that i dont really like, but i do watch some of his youtube vids about areas that interest me, alex jones a bit of a crack pot that i just find hard to take seriously, love peter schiffs vids.

Can somebody explain Zerohedge to me? I don’t get it.

Max is a legend, the Jamie Dimon tapeworm stuff is hilarious. It’s supposed to be over-the-top and a bit childish but the first half of the show with him and Stacey is really pure entertainment, the second half is when he usually has very interesting guests on and it’s noticeable that he (usually) keeps the rants under control and lets the guests speak in the second half.

Been reading Mish since about 2005. Zerohedge and Alex Jones can be real tinfoil-hat territory but then again…they might go too far sometimes but at the same time can anyone really at this point disagree with Jones’ long-standing “Prison Planet” thesis? The creeping authoritarian fascism he was ranting about 10 years ago, which looked ridiculous at the time, now looks scarily prescient. The progressive stripping of civil liberties across the West and especially in the US, UK and now the Eurozone is really bothering me these days. And being a Nordie of a certain age I know a militarised police state when I see one.

Steve Keen & Gerald Celente are also good entertainment/information value IMO.

Alternative how?

Anyways - a few off the top of the head…




+1. By far the best. … re=related

Zerohedge is very shrill and you need to keep your scepticism sharpened when you read their scepticism. The comments in the threads are even worse. Broken record, ‘buy gold bitches’ etc.The value in that site is that they write about news frequently, so they may have the scoop.

The rest of the sites listed? What is wrong with you people?

OK so constructive suggestions:
Felix Salmon
El Floppy Grande: David McWilliams

I listed alternative media sites - are you claiming FTAlphaville as alternative media?

it’s Trader Education 101: on blaming someone else (I.e. don’t)
There was a CNBC survey of investors (mostly retail trader types) asking why the ‘traders’ lost money, the vast blamed the Fed, Goldman Sachs, Algos etc. Successful (real) investors/traders accept responsibility, ZH reinforces the message that it’s not your fault that you’re not a millionaire, it’s the fault of the aforementioned. See the reaction when Alessio Rastani had his 5 minutes of fame…

Even on this site, punters who like to see themselves as agressive free market types get all OWS when their bêtes noires are mentioned

I wouldn’t be a fan of Celente as he tends to annoy me, but I’m with you on the others.

You also really hit the nail on the head with how I feel about Alex Jones.
I used to listen to him purely for entertainment purposes, as everything discussed on his show was tied in with his ‘New World Order’ conspiracy, which I found highly amusing. Complete tinfoil-hat wearing territory.

Now however, I’m beginning to get a little disconcerted with recent (2007 onwards) developments.
When you have a situation whereby half the bankers should be in jail, but instead are receiving unlimited bailout money from the Fed (which in turn are allowing them to restart their massive salary increases), then it’s painfully obvious that something’s not right.

The crazy thing is, even when they have e-mails of the perpetrators outlining precisely what (illegal) activities they are up to, they only receive a slap on the wrist, or worse - nothing.

This does not occur without massive wholesale corruption.
I used to laugh at anyone who suggested there was some kind of untouchable elite in society.
Now there’s no question of it.