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 Post subject: Guidelines. Read these before posting on price drop forums.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:55 pm 
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This is a guidelines post. To provide feedback, use the thread at this link: viewtopic.php?t=25403

First, note the existence of the Rules & Posting Guidelines in the "Rules & Posting Guidelines" forum: viewforum.php?f=25
Second, note the "Welcome - Please read before posting" thread: viewtopic.php?t=1045
Try to consider the information in both of the above links before posting on forums

Try to keep to the following guidelines when posting on the price drop forums:

Guideline 1. (More info at this link: viewtopic.php?p=7036#p7036)
The Unwelcome Guest wrote:
when discussing price drops, please keep the commentary to matters of fact and avoid hyperbole. Do not comment on possible hardship, etc., and in general, put your comments in a sympathetic light where possible.

For the lifespan of the bubble, and I think I speak for the majority of users here, we decried the spin & rhetoric that was associated with the bubble by the vested interests, those who cheerleaded the "boom".

It is important now, that the 'pin users take a balanced approach to discussing the outcomes of the property boom / bust in this country and in doing this, contribute to building a real public consciousness of the risks and benefits of property. The best buffer that could possibly be created to prevent the financial pressures associated with boom / bust from repeating into the future.

We are not here to cheerlead the crash but rather to illuminate, to provide balanced discussion and to help prevent another property bubble from occurring in the future.

Guideline 2. (More info at this link: viewtopic.php?p=61808#p61808)
provost wrote:
When you are posting a daft site and your link is huge, like 150 letters long etc..
you can find a much shorter link at the bottom of the daft ad where it says "Daft Property Shortcode"

Just click the link and copy the resulting web address from your browser.

Guideline 3. (More info at this link: viewtopic.php?p=305399#p305399)
provost wrote:
if a moderator/admin gives advice/a guideline that it'd be a good idea to follow it.

Guideline 4. Organisation of the price drop forums
Note that the price drop forums are location based. Try post price drops on the correct forum.
The forums are as follows:
Dublin Unclassified - Property Price Drops.
Link: viewforum.php?f=20
Price drops from: Unclassified property price drops

Dublin North - Property Price Drops
Link: viewforum.php?f=21
Price drops from: Dublin, North of the Liffey but Not West of the M50.

Dublin West - Property Price Drops
Link: viewforum.php?f=22
Price drops from: Dublin, West of the M50.

Dublin South - Property Price Drops
Link: viewforum.php?f=23
Price drops from: Dublin, South of the Liffey but Not West of the M50.

Rest Of Ireland - Property Price Drops
Link: viewforum.php?f=14
Price drops from: Ireland outside of Dublin

Rental Price Drops
Link: viewforum.php?f=26
Price drops from: The rental market anywhere in Ireland.

Finally, please note the following two posts regarding posting of unsubstaniated information
(From: viewtopic.php?p=307384#p307384)
The Unwelcome Guest wrote:
Where people also post unsubstaniated information (but I saw the house!), that kind of crap will also be deleted, when MODs can get round to it.

(From: viewtopic.php?p=315663#p315663)
The Unwelcome Guest wrote:
Anything beyond substantiated fact will be deleted when we get round to it.

And that means having something more than I talked to such and such or I had a look at this house, that is not substaniated fact.


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