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 Post subject: CSO decide 14,446 new houses were built in 2017
PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:20 pm 
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Is this credible? Or spoofing masked in academic jargon? The last figures I saw was that it was about 10,000 new builds for 2017. Anyway some of the heat can be taken off Eoghan Murphy as a result with this news at a time when SF are threatening a non confidence motion.

I note also they don't present a solution to the measurement issue at all. :x ... 2042465280

Commenting on the report, Kieran Culhane, Senior Statistician, said: “There has been much debate around the reliability of data analysing the number of new dwelling completions in Ireland. The core problem has been that no single, authoritative data source exists. Those administrative data sets which are available are fragmented and tend to either over- or under-represent actual new dwelling completions in any given time period, meaning that taken in isolation, none can provide an accurate count.

For the first time, the best available housing related data sets have been combined and linked using innovative new data analysis techniques, to produce the most comprehensive and accurate count of new dwelling completions currently available. Some limitations remain, but the CSO has identified these and is working with key stakeholders to further refine and improve the accuracy of future analysis.

Prior to the publication of this report several datasets were available regarding new dwelling completions. The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) used the ESB Networks (ESBN) domestic connections dataset to publish a proxy indicator for the number of new dwellings built.
However, it is now accepted that this dataset overestimated housing output as it included connections which do not relate to new dwellings. Figures produced by others based on the Building Energy Rating (BER) data sets were acknowledged to underestimate the count as some self-build one-off houses do not get BERs.

Under the auspices of the Statistics Act 1993, the CSO is in a unique position to gather and link fragmented administrative data sources and evaluate their potential for statistical use. To produce this report, the CSO linked data from ESB Network domestic connections, Building Energy Rating data sets, Revenue data sets, Geodirectory and Census of Population data. Further adjustments were required to take account of connections to the ESB Network of previously completed dwellings in Unfinished/Ghost estates.

Our analysis found that the ESB connections dataset remains the most comprehensive available for estimating new dwelling completions. However, the CSO’s New Dwelling Completions series for 2017 shows that the number of new dwellings was 4,825 below the number of ESB connections published by DHPLG. 57% of the difference is accounted for by reconnections, 23% by previously completed dwellings in unfinished housing developments and 20% by non-dwelling connections. This breakdown will be published in the new quarterly release to facilitate analysis of housing becoming available for use. ... 12018/bgn/

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